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Are You Eating These Two Unhealthy Diet Foods?

By Coach Josh Under Expert Tips, Nutrition Tips, Weight Loss Tips

I’ve got a special guest article today from Laura CaJacob. She is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in my hometown of Austin, TX. She specializes in weight management, healthy cooking, family meal planning, and disease management through food.  I’ll be back after the article below to share more fat loss tips and strategies… enjoy!

ARTICLE <<<<  Are You Eating These Two Unhealthy Diet Foods?

By Laura CaJacob

laura cajacob

When considering buying a product, on what do you base your decision?  One place you should not look is the front of the package.  The front label on a packaged food was created to persuade you to buy it with clever marketing.  The company paid an advertising expert to design the colors, words and facts to appeal to you specifically.  It is their only chance to persuade you into choosing their product over the one next to it.  Don’t be fooled!

Where should you look then?  Flip that food over and read the parts of the label that is highly regulated by the U.S. government: the nutrition facts and the ingredients.  Below are a couple of examples.

Muscle Milk Light Bars

Muscle Milk Bars

The front of the package definitely has some appeal.  The words “muscle” and “light” definitely draw people in who are interested in losing fat.  Often times, the purpose of a bar is to fight hunger, so “smart hunger control” makes sense to me.  It also has zero lactose and a solid 15g of protein.  This bar looks like a winner.

Not so fast.  This basic snack bar has a whopping 56 ingredients, 4 of which are varieties of hydrogenated oil.  Partially hydrogenated oil, also known as trans fat, has been linked to increased risk of heart disease, cancer and other health issues.  Trans fat is so bad for you that its use is actually banned in California and New York City.

Better Choice: Kind Bars – These bars are not only delicious, but they are made primarily of nuts, fruit and honey with absolutely no trans fat. (Another great choice is an organic trail mix with a variety of nuts and a little dried fruit.)

Kind bar

Special K Cereal

Special K fruit and yogurt cereal

Special K does an incredible job at specifically marketing to women who want to lose weight.  They have various campaigns that inspire females to get started with weight loss by making a healthier choice.  The graphic of the tape measure, with the promise of 6 pounds is tempting, but don’t fall for it.  Special K, unfortunately, is not a healthy choice.

Sugar in the form of “corn syrup”, “honey”, “molasses” or just “sugar” is listed 16 different times in the ingredients.  Special K Fruit & Yogurt has more sugar (15g per cup) than the original sugary breakfast cereal Trix (13g per cup) which most of us would not choose as a healthy option.

Kashi golden

Better Choice: Kashi Golden Goodness Original – With just 6g of sugar per cup plus all natural ingredients, this is the better alternative for a flaky cereal. (Slow cooked oatmeal is also a great alternative and is one of my favorite flat-belly foods!)

In general, stay away from processed foods that specifically market to an audience who is trying to lose weight.  Instead, choose real foods that need no marketing because they speak for themselves.  Everyone knows an apple is healthy; it doesn’t have to say “Low calorie, Low Fat, Low Sodium” on the peel in a florescent color.  Aim to mostly buy foods without a package.  If you do buy something in a package, make sure to carefully read the nutrition facts and the ingredients.

<<< Josh’s Comment

I totally agree with Laura that all of us need to focus on buying more foods that aren’t pre-packaged. When you do, you will see a big difference in your health and weight without focusing on calorie counting or extreme diets.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Make it a great day!

With Energy,
coach joshCoach Josh


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  1. karen thoma
    11:48 PM #comment-1

    Hello Coach Josh. Found a group of ladies with whom I can discuss BFF. Will invite over for visit when house is finished being uncluttered, clean & reorganized; finally found the right 2 ladies to do the job for us from Kijiji. They did half the job in 11 visits. Canadian-Dutch ladies from Elmwood, ON. I am beginning to feel much happier now–too depressed till the organizers/cleaning ladies arrived. Talk soon. Karen T.

  2. Laura
    9:17 AM #comment-2

    Wow. Special K has failed me. Haha!

  3. Kathryn Edwards
    1:01 PM #comment-3

    Coach Josh,
    I like what I read in your daily comments, but PLEASE do not expect me to buy more of
    your products. I just cannot do it..
    Kathryn Edwards

  4. Ian Millard
    3:55 PM #comment-4

    Hi Josh
    Thanks for your good work. I am 73+ and am in the process of shedding 10kg (25lb) and hopefully 15cm (6in) from around my belly. Your promotion of Belly Thin XP is something I believe will assist me on my journey however I was disappointed when seeking to order a supply to find that Australia is not listed as one of the countries. Does this mean you do not distribute to my country? If possible, please let me know if and how I can obtain a supply of Belly Thin XP. Best wishes, Ian

  5. Myriam
    6:24 PM #comment-5

    Thank you Josh for this article!!! 🙂

  6. Derek
    8:10 PM #comment-6

    Hey Josh,

    What’s your take on Larabar’s line up of bars?

  7. Ugochukwu Agu
    4:54 AM #comment-7

    There’s nothing like plain old natural food, fruits n vegie’s. these packaged foods cause more harm than good.

  8. christine williams
    6:04 AM #comment-8


    Thank you for the information on muscle milk bars and Special K. I personally used to make sure that there was always a box of Special K (fruit and yogurt) in my pantry. However, currently my fiance and I are doing our best to eat healthier. We are exercising, eating organic and staying away from sugars and all the unhealthy additives we read about in your book. My question is if we are taking Belly Fat with CLA is it safe to pair it with XP thin pills?

  9. Linda
    9:41 AM #comment-9

    How do food companies get away with putting 0% trans fats when there are hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated components in the food? Most people read
    the label, look at trans fats and see 0% and think it is okay to eat. I have worked with a
    nutritionist/naturopath for a number of years and have learned much about foods. It is
    refreshing to see that you are doing a great thing for people. In the short time I have been reading your articles I have added to my knowledge. Thanks

  10. Anne Marie Hoppy
    5:42 PM #comment-10

    Hi! Josh:
    Finished reading your book and I am off of diet drinks and foods..The only thing I won’t give up is my once a week diet COKE..Now that lent started I gave up Candy and Sweets.
    Enjoy your daily comments…

  11. Angie
    9:03 AM #comment-11

    Hi Josh,

    This has been a wonderful program and great incite into the world of harmful additives and such! I have a question around sugar alchols that are added to ‘diet’ foods. Are these harmful as well? I would assume, but they have a separate line when looking at the label, so I wasn’t sure. Please advise.

    Thanks for all your helpful tips and guidance!

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