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Burn 200% More Fat… In HALF The Time

By Coach Josh Under General Health Tips, Weight Loss Tips, Workout Tips

I can already hear the moans and groans coming from some of my readers who really DISLIKE any form of exercise.

I can hear the excuses piling up already, but remember… excuses are, well… just that, excuses.

But what if I told you that there is a way to at least DOUBLE your results from exercise while reducing the time it takes to “get ‘er done”… would you be interested?

Here’s the scoop: Researchers have found you can dramatically boost your metabolism, not only during your workout, but also for hours afterwards when you change the pace or intensity of an exercise. It’s true.

With that in mind, whatever you do, do not remain at one pace during your entire aerobic session. For example, when I’m on the treadmill, exercise bike, or stair climber… I like to start by moving at a moderate pace for a minute, then I work up to a jog for a minute, then I sprint for a minute…and repeat the sequence. It really breaks things up, burns a lot of calories, and the workout is over before I know it.

(Note: If you can’t sprint that’s fine. You can still change your intensity level from low to medium to high.)

Just remember to go slow, medium, and fast for each minute until your time is up.

Make no mistake, you can burn a lot more calories in 20 to 30 minutes of varied-intensity aerobics then an hour of slow-motion movement.

And fast results match my overall philosophy when it comes to transforming bodies. I want maximum results in minimum time… and I’m sure you do too. After all, why take a year to transform your body when you can achieve the same results in 12 weeks or less?

What’s more, a constant variation in pace and activity type really keeps me motivated. It’s also a great way to burn body fat because you’re constantly challenging yourself rather than settling into a boring pace. Your heart will be pumping and you’ll practically feel the fat melting off your body with each drop of sweat. Try it for yourself—you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Remember, if you’re a beginner who hasn’t exercised in a while, take it easy for the first few sessions when starting up again. Maybe you’ll only be able to start with five minutes. If so, don’t worry! You can build your way up as you go along. Just remember to push yourself so you really burn that unattractive body fat.

What’s more, you may not realize that your body releases all kinds of feel-good hormones when you exercise.

At first you won’t be in tune with these feelings because your body isn’t used to moving intensely. But soon this exercise will become a very uplifting experience. You’ll crave aerobic activity, and it will act almost like a jackhammer, blasting away old food cravings and addictions.

Furthermore, you’ll soon find that your stress levels decrease significantly, depression lifts, you’ll be happier, and you’ll begin to think more clearly. Exercise has been proven to stimulate brain activity; think of your mind lighting up like a Christmas tree. It’s an amazing miracle that most of us have taken for granted at some point in our lives… but not anymore!

Consider this: Our bodies were designed to move. But when we don’t use our bodies like they were designed, we start to feel badly and our bodies start to look bad. The old maxim “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” really is true. It’s a good thing we have the ability to regain what we once lost even after decades of inactivity and abuse. When it comes to exercise, the human body is a truly amazing machine that adapts to the challenges placed before it.

Here’s another tip:  I want to recommend that you try to exercise first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast. After fasting overnight your body’s blood sugar levels will be naturally lowered. Therefore, when you start exercising, your body will be forced to dip into your stubborn fat cells to fuel your movement instead of burning the blood sugar from foods you’ve recently eaten.

By doing this one simple trick, you can burn fat up to 300 percent faster than you could if you performed the same exercise later in the day, after you’ve already eaten. This is an important secret for those looking to exercise less and get better results.

Note: If you feel nauseated or dizzy while exercising on an empty stomach, try having a non-carbohydrate food (like a few almonds or some low-fat cottage cheese) right after you wake up. This will settle your hunger without dramatically increasing your blood sugar levels. And always start your day with a tall glass of water.

I encourage you to consider each exercise session a victory in your quest to improve your body and your life. Celebrate your progress, have fun with the program, and make it an empowering experience each and every day.

Hope you enjoyed this article! coach joshCoach Josh

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    12:10 AM #comment-1

    Dear Josh,

    I am taking vitamine for almost 1 year MEGA MEN SPORT, from GNC.
    You said we must be carful with some vitamines.
    Do you recomend this one?


  2. albie
    12:42 AM #comment-2

    howzit josh.

    i have a question about training in the morning before you eat. i understand your theory that you dip into your fat cell reserve, but wont morning training before eating slow down your metabolism? wont your body eventually start holding on the energy it got the night before in an attempt to fuel itself for the morning? and thereby slowing your metabolism?

    Thanks for all your informative newsletters and ideas.

  3. hi josh i have been with bellyfatfree for about a year now and i am a gold member. i would like to try carb matrix but don’t know how to place the order can you please help me out with this, I heard nothng but good news and great geed back on this product of carb matrix so can you please help me so I can place a order asap thank you so very much and god bless you and your family. thanks again for any help you can give to me so I can order the Card Matrix, and give it a try, I am desperate to lose as much weight as possible thanks again josh your the best and love all of your ptoducts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT COMPANY AND A JOB EO VERY WEEK DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE BELLYFATFREE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Melissa A Frey
    239 S. Walnut Street
    Dallasrown, PA 17313

  4. Judie
    7:33 AM #comment-4

    Recently you suggested a calorie counter app (different from the my fitness pal) that could be used on I touch and smart phones. I was busy that day and failed to write down the application title and in going on the App store I find there are a number of them. I tried looking back at your blog but your review does not go back far enough for me to get the answer for myself. Would you or your staff be kind enough to send me an email with the title of the app so I can see for myself whether or not I wish to change from the Myfitnesspal.

    Thank you!

    • Pat
      3:05 AM #comment-5

      The app is called Lose It

  5. Fran
    9:24 AM #comment-6

    Josh – Thank you for all the information you give us to follow. I’ve never had much of a weight problem; however, I’ve always been a bit of a health nut so I find your articles very advantageous.
    I was hoping I could give you an e-mail address to add to the list you send to. The address is:
    Thank you – Fran

  6. Karen
    10:22 AM #comment-7

    Another great tip! I just started doing my exercising first thing in the morning and having a handful of almonds w/my water before my workout. Exercising first thing seems to make the rest of the day go better too!

  7. Tom Hamilton
    12:48 AM #comment-8

    Makes good sense on a way to get the body to use up stored fat energy. I’m on it !

  8. Sarah
    7:14 PM #comment-9

    I am going to start this exercise tip in the morning. I have reached a plateau with my weight loss. I seem to just be standing still despite closely following the 12 week program guidelines. Any tips for what I can do to get the fat coming off again?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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