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5 Healthy Holiday Recipe Swaps

By Coach Josh On December 20, 2011 13 Comments

While statistics on holiday weight gain are inconsistent, one thing is for sure: the holiday season makes normally healthy habits much more difficult. The mashed potatoes get passed one extra time around the table, and the chocolate peppermint brownies stare at you all day from your desk. More than anything, holiday eating is challenging because we are surrounded by a sea of indulgent dishes.

5 Healthy Holiday Recipe Swaps
By Registered Dietitian Laura CaJacob (more…)

CBS News EXPOSES Dangerous Food Chemicals

By Coach Josh On December 9, 2011 95 Comments

For years I’ve been writing about the seedy underbelly of the GREEDY food industry and how hired-gun “flavoring chemists” are creating all sorts of unnatural “Franken-Foods” that take your taste buds hostage.

I call these food chemicals “Obesity Additives” because science has shown that many of them can add inches to our waist —while removing years from our lives.

In fact, some of these Obesity Additives (which include artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives and flavor enhancers) have been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a whole host of ailments. (more…)

Top 10 Fat Loss Commandments

By Coach Josh On September 4, 2011 14 Comments

Here are the exact 10 Fat Loss Commandments my good friend Dr. K uses with every client he trains to accelerate fat loss as much as possible. It’s awesome, and now it’s yours.

Fat Loss Commandment #1: Your body is your body. Learn about it.

Have you evaluated yourself for individual differences in order to best customize your program? Your body will respond differently than other people’s bodies, yet this point is so often ignored. Here are 3 very important questions to ask yourself: (more…)

Is coffee good or bad for my health?

By Coach Josh On July 27, 2011 51 Comments

I’ve got a special guest blog post today from my friend and mentor, Bill Phillips, author of Body-for-LIFE and Transformation. I know you’re going to enjoy this valuable information and recipe at the end!

Coach Josh


5 Foods That Can Transform Your Health
By Bill Phillips