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A Special Thank You… (And A Personal Health Scare Story)

By Coach Josh On March 26, 2012 755 Comments

Today I was thinking about how GRATEFUL I am to be able to do what I love each and every day—sharing health information with thousands of men and women around the world.

It’s really an HONOR… and I want to thank you… from the bottom of my heart… for reading my newsletters and letting me be your Coach.

Why am I in such a grateful mood today? (more…)

Does Fruit Make You Fat?

By Coach Josh On March 12, 2012 54 Comments

I get this question all the time and for good reason. I’ve heard conflicting opinions from various experts. Some say to avoid fruit at all costs if you’re trying to lose weight.

Others say fruit is fine to eat and you should, instead, avoid processed foods containing the sugar that is also found in fruit, called fructose. This includes the chemically-altered sugars like high fructose corn syrup and crystalline fructose along with table sugar called sucrose, which is half fructose.

Confusing isn’t it? (more…)

This New Technology Will Solve The Obesity Epidemic

By Coach Josh On March 1, 2012 5 Comments

Let’s face it.

Many experts say our world is crashing and burning all around us.

It’s dying and there’s nothing any of us can do to stop it.

While most of us feel helpless about such pressing issues as world hunger, global pollution, crazy weather patterns, an exploding population, mass disease (including obesity), and the impending threat of nuclear devastation…

There are some (like me) that would argue the opposite. That the world is actually getting better.

So, I’d like to know your opinion. Is the world getting worse as so many of us suspect?…

Or… Is it getting better? (more…)

Josh Bezoni Complaints: This Kitchen Spice Tied To Obesity

By Coach Josh On February 8, 2012 319 Comments

In this special article series titled Josh Bezoni Complaints: The Obesity Conspiracy Exposed, I explore one of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from my valued subscribers, “Coach Josh, what are some of your biggest complaints about the weight loss industry?”

If you’re like most people, when you think of monosodium glutamate (MSG) you think of Chinese food. But this innocent sounding additive also lurks in a surprisingly lengthy laundry list of food products and ingredients.

MSG is a flavor enhancer, one of the most common food additives, and a staple in the Standard American Diet, which has a very fitting acronym (SAD). (more…)