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3 RECIPES Even Kids Will Love

By Coach Josh On February 1, 2012 11 Comments

Baked Sweet Potato “Fries”

If the only way you’re used to eating sweet potatoes is in a Thanksgiving casserole, you’re missing out on a very nutritious vegetable. Packed with beta carotene, sweet potatoes have a great flavor that can accompany a variety of dishes. (more…)

5 Healthy Holiday Recipe Swaps

By Coach Josh On December 20, 2011 13 Comments

While statistics on holiday weight gain are inconsistent, one thing is for sure: the holiday season makes normally healthy habits much more difficult. The mashed potatoes get passed one extra time around the table, and the chocolate peppermint brownies stare at you all day from your desk. More than anything, holiday eating is challenging because we are surrounded by a sea of indulgent dishes.

5 Healthy Holiday Recipe Swaps
By Registered Dietitian Laura CaJacob (more…)

3 Recipes For Homemade Protein Bars (Yum!)

By Coach Josh On November 3, 2011 15 Comments

I’ve got to thank my buddy Jaime Eason for these recipes. Jaime is a top fitness model for bodybuilding.com and she can cook up a storm. We met at a fitness event I held last summer, and Kim and I have been whipping up her recipes ever since. (more…)

This is What I Ate Today … My Flat-Belly Meal Plan

By Coach Josh On July 13, 2011 6 Comments

My subscribers are always asking me … “Josh what do YOU eat to fight belly flab?” So, today I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and reveal what I ate from sunup to sunset … with comments about WHY I eat each of these foods.

Here we go … (more…)