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Is coffee good or bad for my health?

By Coach Josh On July 27, 2011 51 Comments

I’ve got a special guest blog post today from my friend and mentor, Bill Phillips, author of Body-for-LIFE and Transformation. I know you’re going to enjoy this valuable information and recipe at the end!

Coach Josh


5 Foods That Can Transform Your Health
By Bill Phillips


I’m jumping off a building… (Need your help)

By Coach Josh On June 15, 2011 No Comments

I know this is a shocking subject line, but it’s for a very good reason so be sure to read every word of this important email…

Here’s why I’m “jumping off a building”… and how my jump can help you drop your belly bulge and warm your heart… (more…)

The Secret to Human Fat Loss “Hacking”

By Coach Josh On December 14, 2010 6 Comments

I’m EXTRA excited today because I’m typing this letter to you on an 8 hour flight to Maui, Hawaii.

Sure I got a too-close-for-comfort “pat-down” going through security, yes the seats on the plane are way too close for comfort, sure the TVs aren’t working, and it’s true that the airline (American) doesn’t even give you a complimentary meal (or snack) on the flight these days… (I did enjoy a tasteless, $20 chicken salad though), however, all kidding aside, believe me, I’m really not complaining. I’d gladly fly below deck with the cargo for a chance to go to Hawaii. I can’t wait to meet up with my fellow fitness friends for a conference and some fun in the sun!

Speaking of friends, about seven years ago I was giving a fitness-related presentation to 500 people in Washington D.C., and in the crowd, was a young, unknown, unpublished author by the name of Tim Ferriss. (more…)