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Are You Eating These Two Unhealthy Diet Foods?

By Coach Josh On February 7, 2012 11 Comments

I’ve got a special guest article today from Laura CaJacob. She is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in my hometown of Austin, TX. She specializes in weight management, healthy cooking, family meal planning, and disease management through food.  I’ll be back after the article below to share more fat loss tips and strategies… enjoy!

ARTICLE <<<<  Are You Eating These Two Unhealthy Diet Foods? (more…)

Burn 200% More Fat… In HALF The Time

By Coach Josh On January 19, 2012 9 Comments

I can already hear the moans and groans coming from some of my readers who really DISLIKE any form of exercise.

I can hear the excuses piling up already, but remember… excuses are, well… just that, excuses.

But what if I told you that there is a way to at least DOUBLE your results from exercise while reducing the time it takes to “get ‘er done”… would you be interested? (more…)

7-Minute MIND TRICK To Slash 30 lbs

By Coach Josh On January 9, 2012 50 Comments

If you’ve already read my Belly Fat Free book, you know that I talk extensively about how your thoughts influence your weight.

You see, skinny people won’t ever tell you that one of the keys to their attractive body is a positive self image and self-confidence, because they probably don’t even realize it.

With that in mind, here’s more information on my seven-minute secret to transforming your confidence and self-image which will, in turn, transform your body:

For seven minutes once every day you’ll want to: (more…)

Bread is bad for your belly, right? Not always!

By Coach Josh On January 4, 2012 42 Comments

Read below to learn about breads that flatten your belly and others that bulge your belly. Enjoy!

Belly Bulging Breads