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A Proven Trick I Used to Drop 2.4 lbs Last Week

By Coach Josh On August 16, 2011 22 Comments

Kim (my lovely girlfriend) and I have had a lot of house guests over the past few months which has resulted in way too much EATING.

As a result, we’ve put on some added belly-blubber that we’re not proud of… and we want to get it off fast.

So, we decided to do something a little SILLY. We got an inexpensive calendar and for each day we follow the eating and activity tips in my BellyFatFree Program, we get to put a sticker on the calendar. (And if you haven’t gotten my program, you should right away. (more…)

Josh Bezoni Complaints: 5 Weight Loss Scams

By Coach Josh On June 28, 2011 45 Comments

In this special article series titled Josh Bezoni Complaints: The Obesity Conspiracy Exposed, I explore one of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from my valued subscribers, “Coach Josh, what are some of your biggest complaints about the weight loss industry?”

Let’s talk for a minute about the weight loss scam artists who are preying on your hopes and dreams.

I’m sure you’ve seen it yourself. It seems every time you turn on your TV, open a magazine, or listen to the radio, there’s a new “weight loss breakthrough” being touted. (more…)

My Top 10 Exercises For a Flat Belly

By Coach Josh On June 17, 2011 4 Comments

If you missed Part One of this article be sure to read it first.

Read Part One < ====== Click Here

Okay, now these 10 exercises will be a wake-up call for your muscles. Keep each movement slow and controlled and repeat each one 10 times (10 repetitions). Then put the pedal to the metal, crank up the intensity, and hold that eleventh static rep at its midpoint during the BFF Peak Intensity Technique rep.

You can easily do these exercises at home, in front of the TV, whenever you have a few minutes. You can also use an exercise ball instead of a weight bench for any of these exercises. (more…)

The End of Exercise Confusion

By Coach Josh On June 16, 2011 8 Comments

Now before I reveal my 10 favorite exercises to burn belly bulge, I’ve got to address an important point. I can already hear the moans and groans coming from some of my readers who really DISLIKE any form of exercise. I can hear the excuses piling up already, but remember … excuses are, well … just that, excuses.

Now the “good” news for some of you is that many of my successful students from the past have lost the belly fat without doing exercise. They simply reduced the amount of addicting and fattening obesity additives they were eating and the results soon followed. But if you’re like me and you want even faster results, read on. I want to share with you my strategies for sculpting and tightening your body in record time.

Moving forward, have you ever wondered how virtually all models and A-list Hollywood actors achieve those incredible celebrity slim, amazingly toned bodies? The answer is resistance exercise. Both resistance (weight lifting) and aerobic exercise (cardio) have tremendous physical and emotional benefits.But in my opinion,resistance training is the single best form of exercise for people who want to reduce their body fat and build calorie-burning muscle fast. (more…)