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CBS News EXPOSES Dangerous Food Chemicals

By Coach Josh Under Expert Tips, General Health Tips, Nutrition Tips, Recommended Resources

For years I’ve been writing about the seedy underbelly of the GREEDY food industry and how hired-gun “flavoring chemists” are creating all sorts of unnatural “Franken-Foods” that take your taste buds hostage.

I call these food chemicals “Obesity Additives” because science has shown that many of them can add inches to our waist —while removing years from our lives.

In fact, some of these Obesity Additives (which include artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives and flavor enhancers) have been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a whole host of ailments.

What’s more, the sole intent of adding these chemicals to food is to get you addicted so you “can’t eat just one.” This way you buy more and more while the food conglomerates laugh all the way to the bank.

Now when I first started writing about this dangerous practice nearly 10 years ago, I was outcast by a lot of doctors and nutritionist for being “off my rocker.”

Many claimed that substances such as high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, trans fats and a barrage of artificial colors and flavors (like MSG) are perfectly fine to consume.

But boy oh boy were they wrong…

A growing body of science is emerging which demonstrates that these Obesity Additives are leaving a lot of devastation in their wake…

And it’s finally hitting the mainstream.

The TV Show 60 Minutes (owned by CBS News), recently did an exposé on a giant food flavoring company and I think you’re going to be shocked at some of the things you discover by watching this short video.

After watching, be sure to leave me a comment below. 10 random people will receive a FREE bottle of my new anti-aging formula called ResVer XP (a $49.95 value).

creating cravings video


95 Comments Add yours

  1. Peekeh
    9:33 PM #comment-1

    Disturbing and really shows we need to take charge of our own nutrition today!

  2. C Payne
    11:30 PM #comment-2

    I saw this on TV. My stomach immediately turned over. I cannot think of anything more disgusting than using chemicals to create an addiction. First of all, there really is no need to “fall in love” with food. We need food to nourish our bodies, keeping them healthy, in order to live a full productive life. It is life that we should fall in love with.
    Food addiction is terrible thing. To keep wanting more and more of something seems deranged. And this company seems terribly and horribly proud of it.

  3. Joan Gracyalny
    7:12 AM #comment-3

    I watch my poor daughter struggle with prepuberty body changes that shouldn’t be happening for 2-3 more years. She’s just turned 10. I know this is from soy and artificial chemicals with estrogenic properties. I have made drastic lifestyle changes to control the processed foods we eat, even so far as to move out to the country this past summer. Next springs garden will be fantastic! But because we are a nation that is deprived of time as well as nutrition these companies will continue to thrive on our lack of understanding about what these foods do to us. Here’s what I am striving to live by… if it didn’t exist 100 years ago, don’t eat it.

  4. Ann
    7:25 AM #comment-4

    I’ve worked in a health food store for years and have been trying to tell people all along to forgo anything prepackaged. It’s always best to shop on the outside aisles of the store…meat, veggies, etc…one ingredient foods.

  5. Maya
    7:44 AM #comment-5

    Thank you for this!
    It is very enlightening indeed!
    I stopped eating this kind of foods 6 years ago, so my weight is ideal without dieting and my health is very good.
    But for loads of my friends this could be an eye opener!
    Will share this video on my facebook page.
    Thanks again!

  6. Rabia AbdusShaheed
    9:56 AM #comment-6

    Thanks so much for this information. For me it just put the icing on the cake. It’s natural homemade non-processed foods from here on. InshaAllah (Allah Will)

  7. Kathy-ann
    11:13 AM #comment-7

    WOW extremely interesting

  8. Pattie
    1:58 PM #comment-8

    Thank you for sharing this! It just reiterates what you have been saying! This was actually a little disturbing to watch the way this is done and what these companies are doing to our bodies! I wish everyone could see this!! I will definitely pass on the link to my friends that I have been trying to educate with what you have taught me!

  9. Karen
    6:17 PM #comment-9

    Wow America needs to wake up This is crazy!!!! I don’t think most people really know what they are putting in their bodies. I recently found BFF and am changing my eating ways as we speak. and I know I will be much healthier in a few months, and I am telling the people I love everything I learn here!!!! Thanks BFF

  10. Norma
    9:08 PM #comment-10

    added flavour is an eye opener – Eat Natural – Real Food!

  11. Yessenia
    10:39 PM #comment-11

    WOW!!! OMG!!! WOW!!! I now almost don’t wanna go grocery shopping anymore…kinda wanna shop at local farms from now on…how disturbing! It makes you wonder if there’s anything fresh left that you can actually eat, something that has not been contaminated by chemicals…I am REALLY disturbed right now! 🙁

  12. Herm
    5:35 AM #comment-12

    Certainly an enlgitenment as to a reason why we are all so hung up on foods–good or bad, and the impending disaster of overweight

  13. B. Newhouse
    7:38 AM #comment-13

    Thank you for the enlightenment. I know that an increasing segment of society want healthier foods. But, I am saddened that too many still want fatty, salty, and sugary packaged foods with known chemicals in them. Something tells me that too many are still uneducated about the detriments of eating unhealthy, and the biggest victims of ingnorance are our children.

  14. constance
    5:42 AM #comment-14

    Thanks for chemicals revealed of the ignorant ones. Got to stay on fresh greens no
    processed foods tho natural flavourings. Health hazards on the rise of escalating
    sickness and harm to mortal bodies.

  15. Antonia Salaz
    9:43 PM #comment-15

    I knew there were things like this happening, just did not realize it was that widespread, wow, really need to stick to stuff that is not packaged canned, or bagged, but then even fresh stuff is always getting recalled on a regular basis it seems too.

  16. Wayne
    6:31 PM #comment-16

    I thought smokers were the only dumbies who paid big corporations to kill them slowly, seems I was wrong. I have been just as stupid with processed foods, that is until now! No more artificial chemical cocktails for this family.

  17. Jennifer Goff
    1:05 PM #comment-17

    I always try to go fresh when it comes to many foods, wherever possible. However, knowing what brands to choose is difficult to find out. This article was rather beneficial.

  18. Diane Schroeder-Grabek
    9:19 AM #comment-18

    Shame on them!!! With so many people battling weight problems that adversely effect their health, you would think this should be outlawed!

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