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Do This 1 Trick To Reduce A Belly-Causing Hormone By 17%

By Coach Josh Under General Health Tips, Nutrition Tips, Weight Loss Tips

If you’ve already read my BellyFatFree book you know that I advocate eating five small meals each day, instead of three big ones.

Why five meals?

Good question. You see, your body produces a hormone called cortisol in response to chronic stress. This hormone is associated with causing excess belly flab; the more cortisol you have, the more belly fat you typically gain.

Now get this: The New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that individuals who consumed mini-meals spaced three hours apart each day actually decreased their cortisol levels by 17 percent compared to those who ate the same amount of food in only three meals per day.

And here’s some even better news…

This cortisol-blunting effect occurred in just 14 days.

So if you want to take control of your body’s cortisol levels, simply start eating a small mini-meal every three hours to reduce cortisol up to 17 percent on your own. Those are just a few of the benefits to eating five mini-meals a day, spaced three hours apart. (Example: Eat a meal 7 am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7 pm.)

Now when I say, “mini-meal” I’m only talking about 300 or so calories per meal. (400 calories for active folks over 220 lbs). And those calories should be coming from natural sources (lean meats, eggs, dairy, fruits, nuts, vegetables and whole grains). Skip the processed junk.

Now I have to admit, I’ve found that when my readers begin eating this way it feels very unnatural to them in the beginning. You see, as Americans, most of us have stretched our stomachs out to the point where we just don’t feel satisfied unless we’re gorging on a huge calorie-laden meal two or three times a day.

So when you begin eating a mini-meal every three hours you may not feel completely full after each meal. But that will quickly change. You see, after just a few days of eating five mini-meals, your stomach will naturally begin to shrink in size, and the small mini-meals will leave you feeling full, satisfied, light, and energetic.

(By the way, most of you can forget about gastric bypass surgeries to shrink your stomach. Eating small, frequent, balanced meals—that don’t contain obesity additives—can do the same thing… naturally.)

Make no mistake, if you do nothing else but consistently eat balanced mini-meals, spaced three hours apart throughout the day, you are going to make a great change in your body.

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  1. Rebecca Kinney
    7:25 AM #comment-1

    Live Laugh and Love out loud.

  2. Lisa Evans
    9:15 PM #comment-2

    Hello Josh!!! Just want to know what do you think about Dr.Kariem’s product called Real Dose,for reducing cortisol from stress as I am always under stress as a hairstylist and everyday stress??? Hope you wil respond to this…

  3. PHIL
    1:18 PM #comment-3

    Drink more water
    Be good to yourself

  4. james l. ross
    1:48 PM #comment-4

    josh, i have been on bff about 3 weeks & am not losing any lbs. ot any sugestions. james ross

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