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Do THIS After A Cheat Day

By Coach Josh Under Nutrition Tips

Whether it’s a holiday, a barbeque, tailgating with friends, or just your weekly “cheat day,” if you’re like me, sometimes you overeat. In today’s article, I’m going to show you how you can use this scientifically-backed technique known as periodic overfeeding, or more simply put, strategically “cheating” on your diet with all your favorite foods to help you accelerate your fat loss.

After pigging out, your calorie-burning metabolism is running at full speed, and you can use this to my advantage to get speedy results.

You see, I’m going to show you a new post-Cheat Day diet breakthrough that I recently discovered. It’s a 3-day eating program that allows me to burn-away maximum flab and calories in minimum time.

How? By controlling the body’s #1 fat-storing hormone called insulin.

In fact, some folks are melting away up to 20 lbs in 28 days… that’s pretty impressive.

Here’s How It Works:

Day 1: Protein Shake Day. On this day I don’t consumer anything but healthy protein powders mixed with almond milk. Drinking only shakes helps to naturally “shrink” my stomach so I get full and satisfied easier in the days to come. Think of drinking only shakes as a natural way to “staple your stomach”.

I’ll consume 4 of these shakes throughout the day at equal times a part—about about every 3 hours. The key to these shakes is that they need to be:

Higher in protein (between 15 to 20 grams)
Void of artificial sweeteners
Low in carbs (less than 5 grams)

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Day 2: Protein and Veggie Day. On this day I consume 5 mini-meals, spaced 3 hours apart, consisting of nothing but lean protein sources like fish, chicken, turkey, lean beef (broiled, baked, or grilled), low-fat cottage cheese and eggs, along with vegetables like lettuce, cauliflower, peas, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, squash, zucchini, okra, green/red/yellow peppers, carrots, spinach, kale, celery, etc. (No “heavy” veggies like corn are allowed on this day as corn is really a starch. I also don’t eat fruit when I’m doing this program because of its sugar content.)

I also use some healthy fats (like coconut oil or organic butter) on this day to cook my veggies if I’m not eating them raw in a salad—about 2 tbsp total. And for salad dressing avoid processed dressings and use olive oil with balsamic vinegar. For the meats I use various spices to liven them up but I don’t use any fattening sauces or gravies.

The purpose of this day is to dramatically increase my fiber intake with the veggies to “cleanse” my bloated digestive track and, by not eating any “heavy” carbs or high-calorie meals, my body will be forced to begin burning off the extra food I gorged on over the weekend.

Day 3: Splurge Day. After two days of lower calories, I’m really hungry for some “heavier” carbs so on this day I’ll still eat 5 mini-meals consisting of lean meats and veggies but I’ll include about ½ of a cup of “high-energy” carbs to three of my mini-meals in the form of “slow-absorbing” versions that aren’t as likely to get converted to body-fat when I eat them.

I choose from sources like: black/pinto/kidney/lima beans, sprouted grain pasta or bread, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, barley, quinoa, and wild rice. I will add a tiny bit of organic butter with sea salt, pepper and various spices to these side dishes. However, don’t “lather” them in gravies or other calorie-packed sauces.

As an alternative, I may also have a piece of fruit at some of my mini-meals instead of these “heavier” carbs on this day only.

Then, for ONE meal during this day, I’ll have a SPLURGE meal and eat whatever I want. But there’s one rule… I don’t allow myself to get overly full. It’s just a smaller mini-meal. Oh, and my splurge meal is NEVER the last meal of the day. I don’t want to go to bed on a full stomach and let those calories go to all the wrong places.

The purpose of eating more calories, on Day 3, is to keep my metabolism burning at maximum speed. Otherwise, it can begin to “think” it’s starving and conserve calories.

After this 3-day cycle I simple repeat the cycle again until I’ve lost the extra “baggage” and am back on track.

For beverages I don’t drink anything except water, green tea or coffee sweetened with stevia, and maybe once a week a zero-calorie soft drink alternative like Sobe Life Waters sweetened with erythritol or “Zevia”, which is sweetened with natural stevia. That’s it. Skip those diet soft drinks as studies show they can actually make you hungry and gain belly flab.

Do I count calories? Nope. I just eat every 3 hours and pick healthy food choices as described above. However, remember the purpose of Day 1 and 2 are to really deplete your body of excess carbs and calories. They’re pretty intense and allow you to see such rapid results.

Do I starve myself? Not a chance. If I get hungry I have a little extra protein or some of the extra veggies I outlined above—even on a shake day.

What about dairy? Besides low-fat cottage cheese as a protein source and organic butter, I don’t eat dairy on this plan. Most dairy products are stuffed with sugars and saturated fats. (But I do eat them on my regular eating plan.)

As an alternative to milk in my protein shakes I’ll use unsweetened almond milk and add a natural sweetener like stevia or new natural sweeteners containing erythritol like Truvia, or Purvia. You can find these at most grocery stores.

Do I stay on this plan for a long time? Nope. Again, I use this 3-day eating plan for a max of 28 days. Then I go back to eating a healthy program that’s not so strict like my BellyFatFree program.

What about exercise? I do 60 minutes of exercise six days a week (typically two 30 minutes sessions before and after work), which burns more stored fat. I prefer resistance training and bike riding, but it doesn’t matter what kind of exercise as long as you’re moving. Heck you can just walk at a brisk pace if nothing else or do something fun like dancing.

Can you follow the diet if you don’t exercise? Yes, but your results won’t be as fast.

Do I have shakes on any other day besides shake day? Yep. Because of the convenience I often have a protein shake on the other days, too.

What do I get at the grocery store for this program?

1. A variety of lean meats (eggs) and veggies as described in Day 2 above.
2. A natural sweetener like Stevia or Truvia/Provia that are sweetened with erythritol. These help to fight off sugar cravings.
3. Beverages like green tea and naturally-sweetened drinks like Zevia.
4. Healthy fats like olive oil and butter from grass-fed cows.

What about supplements?

I use a special supplement during this entire 28-day program that can help control blood sugar levels (great for Type II diabetics) while also helping to convert carbs to energy instead of fat.

You can read about it in the article below… it’s crucial to the program…

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Give this 3-day diet a try and let me know how it works for you!

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