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Josh Bezoni Complaints: Giant Food Manufacturers

By Coach Josh Under Josh Bezoni Complaints: The Obesity Conspiracy Exposed, Weight Loss Tips

In this special article series titled Josh Bezoni Complaints: The Obesity Conspiracy Exposed, I explore one of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from my valued subscribers, “Coach Josh, what are some of your biggest complaints about the weight loss industry?”

Did you know that most of the tens of thousands of food items that are lining our grocery store shelves are made and controlled by only four or five GIANT, multi-national food corporations that have only one goal in mind—to make more and more money? It’s true. (Watch the movie Food Inc. for complete details.)

These mammoth food giants’ primary goal isn’t to create healthy food or to help America stay slim—their actions are controlled by Wall Street and greedy CEOs and “money men” secretly scheming and plotting behind closed doors.

The reality is that these food chemists create “Frankenstein foods” within these huge, robotic, assembly-line factories. Here they dump all kinds of man-made preservatives, additives, and chemicals into the recipes for our favorite meals and snacks—in just the right amounts—so these “fake foods” can sit on grocery store shelves for months, years, and even decades without going bad.


A side effect of some of these food additives is that they can change our brain chemistry, causing us to become addicted and gain body fat. Then they slap a label on the food product showing a wholesome family farm and spend billions of dollars advertising the food as “healthy,” and we Americans fall for it, hook line and sinker.

Could it be true? It is. In fact, while researching Belly Fat Free, I traveled the country and interviewed dozens of food chemists who work for various fast food companies and major food manufacturers. What I discovered made me downright angry…and it should infuriate you as well.

“Off the record,” over and over again one food chemist after another told me that their supervisors and upper management specifically instructed them to create foods that were as highly addictive as possible. A sprinkle of trans fat and caffeine here; some MSG and high fructose corn syrup there. Mix in some artificial colors and flavoring, extra salt and sugar, and voila! You have a deadly health time bomb, disguised as a harmless treat that you and your family can’t get enough of.

Here’s a specific example. Let’s say you have a big food manufacturer that wants to create cupcakes. Typically, that food manufacturer will have a group of food chemists create two different versions of a cupcake, and the chemists are given these instructions:

1.The cupcakes must have a long shelf life so they can remain on grocery store shelves for months (or years) without going bad.

2.They must be highly “desirable” so men, women, and especially children will eat them and not get full quickly. The food chemists then go about creating the most highly enticing (read: addictive) “treat” that will outlive all of us. They’ll add a cocktail of chemicals to achieve this: high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, trans fats, MSG, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and as many refined carbohydrates as they can stuff into the pseudo-food.

At the end of this project, the food manufacturer will have two versions of the cupcake to choose from. They will then conduct shelf-life tests, during which they put the cupcake through all sorts of “experiments” to quickly age the food to make sure the preservatives won’t allow the “treat” to break down as nature intended.

Then they have taste tests with consumer groups, having them rate which cupcake is the most “appealing” based on various characteristics, such as taste, color, sweetness, texture, and smell. What the food manufacturer is really trying to do here is figure out which version of the cupcake will be the most addictive so that consumers will gobble them up like crazy. Not only will this process wreak havoc on your waistline, but it will add up to optimal profits for the manufacturer, which means big raises for the CEO and upper management. Priorities, right?

Cupcakes are just an example. And don’t think that junk foods and fast foods are the only culprits. The same procedure occurs when these companies make macaroni and cheese, crackers, snack bars, syrup, jelly, frozen dinners, cereals, ketchup, some canned fruits and vegetables, lunchmeats, and many other foods you may consider healthy.

Make no mistake, these obesity additives are no laughing matter. Did you know that many of the chemicals all too commonly found in today’s foods can be just as addictive as alcohol, cigarettes, and even various street drugs?

Well, it’s true. In fact, a recent study by Princeton University scientist Bart Hoebel showed that refined sugar (the top obesity additive) can be one of the most addictive substances of them all, producing a pattern of increased intake, signs of withdrawal, craving, and relapse—all hallmarks of addiction. Hoebel has shown that rats eating large amounts of sugar when hungry (a phenomenon he describes as sugar binging) undergo chemical changes in the brain that are similar to those produced by cocaine, morphine, and nicotine.

Think about your own life. Are there foods or drinks that “call your name” in your weakest moments—like maybe at night in front of the TV? Are there certain “treats” you can hardly resist when they’re in your presence? Are there “goodies” that you continue to eat even after you’re full?

I’m willing to bet there are. Although this brand of chemical addiction may not be common knowledge to the average American, I assure you it’s no secret to the money-hungry food and beverage manufacturers. I believe that many of these companies intentionally create thousands of highly addictive products and pseudo-foods, which line our grocery shelves, stuff our school vending machines, and are distributed at the drive-thru windows of greasy fast food joints from sea to shining sea.

To Your Health!
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