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Josh Bezoni Complaints: This Kitchen Spice Tied To Obesity

By Coach Josh Under General Health Tips, Josh Bezoni Complaints: The Obesity Conspiracy Exposed, Nutrition Tips

In this special article series titled Josh Bezoni Complaints: The Obesity Conspiracy Exposed, I explore one of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from my valued subscribers, “Coach Josh, what are some of your biggest complaints about the weight loss industry?”

If you’re like most people, when you think of monosodium glutamate (MSG) you think of Chinese food. But this innocent sounding additive also lurks in a surprisingly lengthy laundry list of food products and ingredients.

MSG is a flavor enhancer, one of the most common food additives, and a staple in the Standard American Diet, which has a very fitting acronym (SAD).

It shows up in all sorts of places, both obvious and hidden. For example, MSG is often disguised on food labels as “natural flavors”. MSG is also one of the biggest enemies to those who are trying to attain (and maintain) an ideal weight. Numerous studies have linked MSG intake with unhealthy weight levels and obesity.

Animal studies show that MSG can cause lesions in the hypothalamus region of the brain and leptin resistance (meaning tested animals don’t respond to the hormone signal letting them know they’re full), which leads to unhealthy weight gain. Then there are other studies that show mice become overweight when injected with MSG.

Still more research demonstrates that in a study where calorie consumption and exercise were equal, the group of men and women who used MSG were more likely to be overweight than the group that did not.

Another study performed by the University of North Carolina showed a correlation between MSG intake and obesity in Chinese adults. They found that the study group who used the most MSG was three times more likely to be overweight than nonusers.

Need more proof that you should avoid MSG at all costs? In addition to being tied to obesity, MSG is likely associated with numerous other serious symptoms and health conditions including: diabetes, depression, heart disease, cancer, celiac, migraines, digestive upsets, infertility, ADD, inflammation, and possibly even asthma.

MSG may also be addictive. It affects a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) called GABA, which stimulates the brain.

A desire for this sensation can, in turn, cause MSG addiction.

Convinced yet?

Despite these studies and scientists’ warnings to “…abstain from adding the popular flavoring agent MSG,” this obesity additive keeps popping up in many processed foods.

Now that you’re in the know, the next step is to avoid MSG; unfortunately, this isn’t always easy. As we’ve already discussed, not only are tons of foods loaded with MSG in obvious ways (meaning a food label clearly states that MSG or monosodium glutamate is included), but MSG is also HIDDEN in many foods.

To save you from the detective work necessary to hunt down these ingredients, here’s a list of some culprits. (Keep in mind that some of the following items always contain MSG, while others may or may not contain it. To be on the safe side, you should consider eliminating these items from your diet altogether.) Suspect ingredients include: monosodium glutamate, MSG, glutamate, yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein, glutamic acid, autolyzed yeast, and maltodextrin. There are others, but this is a good start.

Processed foods are much more likely to contain MSG, so steer as clear of them as you can. Also, try to avoid non-organic produce, because MSG-containing products are sometimes used as sprays and fertilizers for those fruits and vegetables. If nothing else, be sure to wash all produce carefully.

I hope you got some benefit from this article. I sure enjoyed writing it for you.

JoshCoach Josh

P.S. Please leave your comments and questions to this question below… “Do you have any foods in your kitchen that have monosodium glutamate, MSG, glutamate, yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein, glutamic acid, autolyzed yeast, or Maltodextrin on the label?” (Be sure to check salad dressings.)


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  1. David J. DuPree
    9:01 PM #comment-1

    I didn’t know it was in so much food with the tricked out names. I find one of these in most sugar free candies. Thanks for sharing. David

  2. Emmy Lou Anderson
    9:50 PM #comment-2

    I am now 80 years old and had my first severe migraine headache after a pregnancy in 1951. I was sensitive to light, phone ringing,, and learned more about certain foods and drinks I cannot consume, I threw up for 24 hours then stayed in bed to recover another 24 hours and had reactions with sunlight plus sounds. I read several books and the one by Magee and Sapir (I think)- I have given it away to a migraine sufferer. I read labels on everything at the grocery store and add knowledge obtained from the book – I have not had a severe migraine for many years. I avoid red wine, MSG, oriental foods, processed cheese – only natural cheese – and some medications. Once I know what is causing what, that item goes off my consummation list. Is it possible to apply for all companies who presently use MSG in their products to label them such ? Progresso soups have done a fabulous job. labeling and eliminating from their products. Please ask me to help if i can.

    • Marge
      7:37 PM #comment-3

      If I were you I would check those ingredients even if they say no MSG. If you want to eat something with chemicals write down the name and research it on the internet. They have changed the name to protect the guilty.

  3. Karen
    11:13 PM #comment-4

    Thanks for the article. We eat so much food with MSG but now I’m going to be more careful about what I feed my family.

  4. Georgette
    4:44 AM #comment-5

    Your articles have helped so much with all the foods I pick to eat. What a help all have been. It’s amazing all the garbage we’ve been eating for so long. I feel so much better eating the right foods. Thanks and keep them coming.

  5. claudia
    6:43 AM #comment-6

    Thanks MR Josh for helping us to control and minimize bell fat,it is amazing article and the result of bell fat control is quicker and the instructions are well understood.

  6. Ed
    6:51 AM #comment-7

    Hi Josh,
    Just wondering if MSG causes fatty liver too? My mum and I both have fatty liver…i was diagnosed with it last year and im 21 yrs. But the doctor said she does’nt know what causes our non-alcoholic fatty liver, and she also said its not serious….but I actually do feel its a serious matter that I need to cure soon. The thing is I don’t have a clue how….could you advice me?

    Also, since MSG is in almost everything, how do I eat right? We cant afford organic foods as their really too expensive.

    Thanks, Josh.

    • Marge
      7:25 PM #comment-8

      Eliminate hydrogenated oils / partially & trans fat/ no polyunsaturated fats /High Fructose Corn Syrup / fructose=fatty liver. Follow Leptin Diet, – smaller meals / Low glycemic / Low Sat. Fat – use good fats(omega 3) / Exercise daily / Use Fiber / reduce Sugar – Alcohol / Release anger.
      “If you lose weight, you quickly eliminate fat in your liver. As little as two days of calorie restriction can improve the situation dramatically, and as fat in the liver is reduced, insulin sensitivity and metabolic problems improve.”
      Low-carbohydrate diet burns more excess liver fat than low-calorie diets. Follow Leptin Diet

  7. JOHN
    10:00 AM #comment-9

    You’re too kind to call MSG a spice Josh. I’m going to forward
    this to a few friends. Thanks.

  8. Debbie Gannon
    10:10 AM #comment-10

    Frightening – I recognize all of those bad ingredients you listed that go along with msg.
    That means I’ve read them on the labels of the foods that I buy.

  9. DeDe
    11:35 AM #comment-11

    I have a friend who has had very serious reactions to MSG, so I know the difficulty of trying to do without it. She has to check with the food preparers whenever she eats out, but more often than not chooses to forgo that particular social pleasure.

    I, too, have tried to limit my exposure to MSG, but since I usually prepare meals only for myself and have no discernable reaction, I am not as careful as I might be otherwise. Now that I know it could be responsible of some of my difficulty shedding pounds, I will be more attentive to the “code” lables involved and see what happens if I give it up altogether.

    • Marge
      7:35 PM #comment-12

      It’s interesting to note that scientist inject mice with MSG to cause them to get obese and it also gives them diabetes so they can use the mice in experiments. Wonder why there is such a problem with obesity and diabetes? Wonder no more. Flavored Corn chips & potato chips, salad dressing, canned soups – the list is endless!

  10. Judi Johnson
    2:07 AM #comment-13

    Thank you so much for your articles.
    Quote’ In addition to being tied to obesity, MSG is likely associated with numerous other serious symptoms and health conditions including: diabetes, depression, heart disease, cancer, celiac, migraines, digestive upsets, infertility, ADD, inflammation, and possibly even asthma.’ That List is such scary stuff – definitely warrants checking all food ingredient lists to lower ones intake of this dreadful ‘stuff’.

  11. Gerald Carter
    9:16 AM #comment-14

    Why don’t they just ban MSG???

    • Marge
      7:48 PM #comment-15

      They don’t ban it because in the food industry it is used to cause addiction to the food. It’s a flavor enhancer. I remember I ate Bumble Bee Tuna and thought it was the best tuna sandwich I ever ate. I got a headache for 3 days. Next time I ate it same thing happened – I figured it out. It doesn’t say MSG on the label, but I think it says natural flavor or it is in the broth. I don’t remember now -it’s been so long since I ate it.

      MSG is also an excitotoxin to the brain. So it can cause seizures as well ADD. It stops the Gaba neurotransmitter. Gaba puts out the electrical storm firing in the brain. That’s why people with epilepsy need Gaba – to calm the brain down.

  12. Craig Boehmer Sr.
    10:05 AM #comment-16

    I stay away from that stuff. Gives me a major headache!! Since starting BFF i’ve lost 12 pounds and in inch off my waist. Just by eating what the book suggests and moderate exercise. I’m very happy with the change.

    Thankyou, Josh

  13. consuelo
    10:10 AM #comment-17

    Josh, thanks for all your artcles and comments .I ,now read carefully before buy any food .,

  14. Jan
    10:36 AM #comment-18

    Unfortunately, i do, i didn’t realize it had so many different names & how many products it’s actually in

  15. JIM
    4:39 PM #comment-19

    Gee Josh I,m beginning to feel the only safe thing is to go out and eat grass. Of course I’ll have to grow it myself and see that it is purely organic but then how do I protect it from Acid Rain???

  16. Jo Ann
    7:44 PM #comment-20

    Thanks so much for the info. I am an avid label reader now and am becoming very informed. I already look for gluten in everything because my husband has celiac, but I look for your “bad” additives as well. Thanks for keeping me healthy.

  17. James
    4:34 AM #comment-21

    Along with the drug companies now we have to worry about the food companies and what they are putting in our food , no wonder the percentage of Obesity is rising in the US . Thanks for the heads up Josh .

  18. Tresa
    11:41 AM #comment-22

    Hello Josh!

    Thanks for the heads up on monosodium glutamate, I didn’t know it went by so many names
    I thought “natural flavors” was probably high fructose corn syrup, anyhow these food additives
    probably sabotage a healthy diet and fat reducing type diet, its just too bad and I really really
    appreciate your research on naming the offending chemicals that are making us sick and keeping us all from being more healthy and lean, so again we sure appreciate you!!!!!!

  19. Leslie Sparks
    4:35 PM #comment-23

    I’ve been reading your book and anything else you write. Yesterday I went through food cupboard and filled about 7 big bags with foods containing those ugly additives (msg & friends). I’ve been absolutely amazed at the vast amounts of foods containing these “poisons” & we’ve been eating them! Thanks for all your work & my gain in following you.

  20. Angie
    1:27 PM #comment-24

    I am amazed at how many foods have MSG in them! When I was pregnant, I tried my hardest to not let that ingredient enter my system, as I had heard in the past that it led to issues with the developing baby. I had worked too hard to get my bundle of joy, so I was not going to start her life with any bad things entering her system while she was developing. I have made the mistake of backing off of reading labels as much since I am no longer pregnant or nursing. I need to throw out my entire pantry almost to get rid of that nasty little ingredient. Scary stuff!!!!

  21. Ruby
    1:32 PM #comment-25

    HI Josh
    Could not thank you enough.
    Thank you for all your help as well as encouragement .i recently transitioned to vegan , and seldom
    Took time out to read small print in back, I spend a lot more time exploring and encouraging other to eat better as well and read the undercover label.
    You have so inspired me San driven me hope reguardless of my age. At 56 I’m more interedsted in living a healthy life as well as encouraging others. What a special gift you are to the. Universe .
    Needing a little more help in the vegan depament.
    Thank you ounce again
    Angel. Blessings

  22. Deb
    11:54 PM #comment-26

    Until tonight, I had a lot of those ingredients in my cabinets….but I sat down and started reading your book this evening and I just now finished cleaning out all my cabinets…big bag of “poison” just hit the dumpster and the things that weren’t opened yet are going to the food bank tomorrow!!!! Thanks for putting me on the right track! Can’t wait to start seeing my Fat Belly turn into a a Flat Belly!!!

  23. Teresa
    5:29 AM #comment-27

    I recently heard an ad on the radio for a new “miracle drug” that was “ALL NATURAL”. Curious about this drug I did my research on the internet, etc. Come to find out this miracle drug (called Amberen, http://www.amberen.com/ingredients/) contains MSG as the 3rd ingredient and the manufacturer pushes it as a weight loss drug for menopausal women. How nice! LOL

  24. Linda
    5:56 PM #comment-28

    Oh my gosh! I just checked the ranch dressing my family uses and it does have MSG in it! And
    you know what else…(and I am finding this in almost everything!)…corn syrup! It is in things I never thought of that would even need sweetening!..like kidney beans. I find it in soups and even the pita pockets I have. Do we have an abundance of corn in this country that they have
    to use it up for things or are they secretively trying to make us all fat!!! 🙁 And, in this economy I have been trying watch costs so I go to Aldi’s to supplement as much as I can to my normal grocery store….I read the labels constantly there now because it is not a good deal to me if it has corn syrup in it!…and many products there do. Why should a food be cheaper because they are adding cornsyrup in it instead of leaving it out? This concerns me.

    I have gone to a natural doctor who took blood to test its’ reactions to certain foods. I already knew beforehand that corn always seemed to make my body swell up…this was a red flag on my test and “brewers and bakers” yeast were high reactions on my list,too….does this relate to the autolyzed yeast?

  25. Cedrick Demarini
    10:10 AM #comment-29

    I’m searching to get a capable writer, extended time in this area. Superb article!

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