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Do THIS After A Cheat Day

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Whether it’s a holiday, a barbeque, tailgating with friends, or just your weekly “cheat day,” if you’re like me, sometimes you overeat. In today’s article, I’m going to show you how you can use this scientifically-backed technique known as periodic overfeeding, or more simply put, strategically “cheating” on your diet with all your favorite foods to help you accelerate your fat loss. (more…)

NEVER Use Butter Unless It’s This Kind… (#1 Choice)

By Coach Josh 2 Comments

It’s common knowledge. Saturated fat is bad for you because it causes heart disease and belly fat, right?

And you should definitely cook with polyunsaturated vegetable oils like soybean oil and canola oil instead of saturated fats like organic butter or coconut oil, right?

Think again! (more…)

5 Unusually Fast Tips For Stomach Flab…

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In today’s guest article, my buddy and former chubby chap himself, Rob Poulos, reveals 5 Unusually Fast Fat Loss Tips that I know you’re going to love…

… Do they work? You bet…

… in FACT Rob and his bride Kalen managed to drop over a combined 101lbs of flab using techniques like the ones he shares below.

Enjoy the tips and the results! (more…)

The #1 Worst Carb Ever (Don’t Eat This)

By Coach Josh 8 Comments

Interesting video wasn’t it?

Let’s face it… excess sugar is a tasty, disease-causing, toxic “treat”.

The American Heart Association recently came out with a “warning” to Americans, published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. Lead author Rachel K. Johnson, Ph.D.,M.P.H., R.D., professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont in Burlington, concluded that:

High intake of added sugars is implicated in numerous poor health conditions, including obesity, high blood pressure, and other risk factors for heart disease and stroke. (more…)