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Josh Bezoni Complaints: Giant Food Manufacturers

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In this special article series titled Josh Bezoni Complaints: The Obesity Conspiracy Exposed, I explore one of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from my valued subscribers, “Coach Josh, what are some of your biggest complaints about the weight loss industry?”

Did you know that most of the tens of thousands of food items that are lining our grocery store shelves are made and controlled by only four or five GIANT, multi-national food corporations that have only one goal in mind—to make more and more money? It’s true. (Watch the movie Food Inc. for complete details.) (more…)

Do This 1 Trick To Reduce A Belly-Causing Hormone By 17%

By Coach Josh 4 Comments

If you’ve already read my BellyFatFree book you know that I advocate eating five small meals each day, instead of three big ones.

Why five meals? (more…)

Are Chia Seeds worth the hype?

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Chia seeds are getting a lot of press lately, but then again so is the man who lost flab eating only Taco Bell (which is NOT a good idea). As with any of the latest food trends, it is important that you approach chia seeds with a skeptical eye. What the heck are they? And are chia seeds really worth the hype?

Chia seeds are black and white seeds similar in size to a poppy seed. They are native to Mexico and Guatemala and were cultivated by the Aztecs. Interestingly, they are the exact same seeds used to make the Chia Pet which became popular in the 1980’s with its catchphrase jingle: “Ch-ch-ch-chia!” (When I was a kid I loved growing a nice “chia fro” on that ceramic “chia guy.” Maybe you did, too?) (more…)

A Special Thank You… (And A Personal Health Scare Story)

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Today I was thinking about how GRATEFUL I am to be able to do what I love each and every day—sharing health information with thousands of men and women around the world.

It’s really an HONOR… and I want to thank you… from the bottom of my heart… for reading my newsletters and letting me be your Coach.

Why am I in such a grateful mood today? (more…)