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This is What I Ate Today … My Flat-Belly Meal Plan

By Coach Josh Under Healthy Recipes, Nutrition Tips, Weight Loss Tips

My subscribers are always asking me … “Josh what do YOU eat to fight belly flab?” So, today I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and reveal what I ate from sunup to sunset … with comments about WHY I eat each of these foods.

Here we go …

MEAL ONE: 3-egg omelet with spinach, broccoli, tomatoes and a sprinkle of organic cheddar cheese. ½ grapefruit. 16 oz glass of water.

I LOVE eggs because they are packed with nutrients that help to fight cravings. Leave out the yolks? Not a chance … the yolks contain the most nutritious part of the egg and the healthy fat in eggs keeps me full, longer.

Studies have shown that grapefruit can actually help you lose weight. The fruit is better than the juice because of the added fiber.

After a long night’s sleep my body is dehydrated and it needs lots of fresh, pure water. I know if I don’t drink 90 oz of water a day I get cravings for junk food … so keeping hydrated helps me fight cravings. Cool! Tip: Drink 16 oz of water BEFORE each of your meals to naturally get full, faster!

MEAL TWO: Protein shakes made with almond milk and added fiber, two strawberries. 16 oz glass of water. 15 pistachios. (Need something crunchy and salty.)

When make my BioTrust Low Carb protein smoothies, I use unsweetened almond milk instead of milk because it has less sugar and calories. Each serving of Low Carb contains 24 grams of protein and 4 grams of gut-friendly fiber, which slows digestion and keeps me full longer. I add strawberries for their antioxidants and nutrient profile (any berry works … blueberries are great, too).

Then I like to have a few pistachios because I often need something crunchy and salty in order to feel satisfied. These little nuts are packed with good fats that keep me full and satisfied.

MEAL THREE: 6 oz grilled salmon with a cup each of asparagus and cauliflower (from the Whole Foods grocery store warm foods counter). 12 oz cold green tea. 1 square of dark chocolate (80% cocoa).

I’m super busy come lunch time so I often scoot over to Whole Foods, which is a block from my condo in downtown Austin. The salmon is filled with good omega 3 fats, which fight inflammation and keep me healthy (and full). Salmon also contains the protein I need to feed my working muscles.

The veggies provide a lot of nutrients and fiber that fill up my stomach to fight cravings later in the afternoon.

The dark chocolate is filled with monounsaturated fats that can help my body fight fat … plus it is high in antioxidants. (I only eat one small square though … just enough to settle my sweet tooth. Oh, and the green tea is packed with healthy antioxidants, too and a little caffeine to energize my afternoon. (Be careful with too much caffeine, it can cause cravings.)

MEAL FOUR: 8 oz grass fed lean beef strips with ½ cup of black beans and a BIG 5-cup dinner salad filled with veggies and avocado. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dressing. Frozen peaches for a sweet dessert (16 oz glass of water).

This is my post-workout meal. Although I no longer train like a competitive athlete, I still stay active and this meal helps me refuel my body with the protein and carbs I need to recover. I choose grass fed beef because it has higher amounts of nutrients (like natural creatine and CLA) to help my body fight fat and build muscle.

I eat black beans because of their antioxidant content and they’re full of fiber. (They don’t spike insulin levels.)

I fill my stomach with lots of bulk in the form of a HUGE, 5-cup dinner salad with lots of veggies and ½ an avocado (for fiber and good fats). I don’t use traditional salad dressings because they are packed with sugar and oils that cause inflammation and ill-health in the body.

For dessert I suck on frozen peaches because it takes a LONG time to finish ½ a cup of fruit this way. This gives my brain enough time to realize that I’m full and it settles my sugar cravings. (Most people eat too fast and therefore, overeat.) I like to eat this frozen fruit while I’m stretching and relaxing after a meal.

That’s it. And the crazy thing is, I eat like this almost every day except when I’m traveling. I basically have 3 meals I rotate at each meal so I don’t get bored and I really enjoy my food. Try it. It works!

Note: If I’m still hungry late at night I drink more water and may have a chocolate protein shake with a dap of organic peanut or almond butter.

I’m a 180 pound active male so be sure to adjust your protein portion sizes down a bit if you weigh less or are not as active. Feel free to load up on veggies—eat them up to your hearts delight so you stay nice and full—the added fiber is a great way to feel full and keep the cravings away. There’s really no limit on veggies if you don’t soak them in oils and butter.

Please note what I don’t eat … no soft drinks, not much processed foods, not a lot of bread or “heavy carbs”. Eat like this and I guarantee you’ll lose belly fat, fast!

Does this help you with your meal planning? I hope so!

Josh Bezoni

Coach Josh


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  1. Doril Henderson
    5:10 PM #comment-1

    I am totally confused. I have been trying the half cup protein and one cup color or energy carb like you siggested. Then you gave us your menu for the day and it sounds so absolutely different.
    I have been eating well, most of the time,but have lost only 2 pounds and no inches in over 2 weeks. I try to get in 5 meals, but so often, it is only 4 a day. Is that o.k.?
    Would like to have some feedback. Thank you. D. H.
    I like the shakes.

    • jbezoni
      8:07 PM #comment-2

      Doril don’t be confused. This is basically the same diet you are following but I’m eating more veggies is all. I’m eating protein, veggies and good fats at each meal. Stick to the cup plan and introduce some more of these foods I’m eating and you’ll be fine.


  2. Maijidda
    11:34 AM #comment-3

    Thank you Josh. You have re-inspired me on my weight loss program. Although i have been on the program for five to six months. This tips reassured me that im on the right track of loosing it all. I weighed 112 kg about six months ago. I have lost 30kg so far; about 10kg to go. Although i have cheated several times, i’m still on the mission. my Concern is, how am i gonna maintain my weight when i reach my target. I’m of course afraid of going back to my obesity, which would never happen again. I’m concerned about sustainance.

    Thank you

    7:10 AM #comment-4

    Josh, am I confused? I thought that each of my 5 meals should contain 1/2 cup protein and either 1 cup energy or 1 cup color carbs. Thus each meal is 1 1/2 cups of food. I thought only one portion of good fat could be added per day. Of course the water before and during each meal if not more. Also when I look at some of your recipes I’m confused how to “count” them.

    My weight loss is very slow. Unfortunately I’m not very active. I look at BFF as a new eating plan rather than a diet because I’m most concerned with improving and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Please clarify my confustion. Thank you.

  4. Thosh
    11:11 PM #comment-5

    Hi Josh I’m sure you’ve answered this question several times in the past. Is it bad to eat eggs fried in olive oil every day? I eat about 3-4 eggs in the morning with about a cup of spinach fried in olive oil. I’m not sure if it makes a difference but I don’t let the oil get too hot. I’m a 29 year old 164-167lb male who trains MMA 3 times a week. My workouts include strength + power weight training, wind sprints, TRX, med ball exorcises, & several body weight exorcises. Will eating eggs the way I do on a daily basis effect my body fat % if I’m training the way I do?

    Thanks so much for the info.


    • Thosh
      11:13 PM #comment-6

      BTW- I forgot to mention the eggs I eat are cage free and not grain fed.

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