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This Little-Known Enzyme Burns Calories Fast

By Coach Josh Under General Health Tips, Weight Loss Tips, Workout Tips

Chances are, as you read this newsletter you are sitting.

If so, I’ve got some disturbing news…

No matter what your exercise regimen is, whether you bike, walk or run every day, if the remainder of your time is spent in a chair, you are putting yourself at risk for a host of health problems.

I’m talking about gaining excess weight, developing diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer or (gasp!) premature death.

Why is this so important? Not only do you simply not burn enough energy while sitting, it’s possible that sitting can have adverse effects on your body as a whole. Investigators found that a weird little enzyme produced by muscles, called lipoprotein lipase, plays a part in the body’s ability to process and burn fats.

In tests done on lab rats, lipoprotein lipase was only produced in leg muscles when the rats were active and standing or scurrying about. This information suggests that a fraction of your metabolism becomes sluggish while you sit.

This is not just true for lipoprotein lipase, there are many enzymes generated by utilizing muscles and they all influence the way the body makes use of, and stores, sugars and fat.

This may account for the results of a study in which males who tend to walk a lot, were asked to drive instead of walk, take the elevator instead of the stairs, and basically cut back on the amount of time spent on their feet.

They did this for two weeks and at the end of the experiment it was found that the men had altered their metabolism, which in turn distorted their bodies’ distribution of fat and they appeared plump around the midsection.

And that’s after just 14 days. Imagine that many of us have been sitting for years.


Studies show that even if you’re committed to exercise daily, if you remain seated for the majority of the day you are more likely to have a wider midsection, higher blood pressure and even higher blood sugar than those who spend more time up and about.

In other words, if you spend the majority of your day in front of the TV or computer, you can kiss that mile you just jogged goodbye (and that flat belly you work so hard for).

Feel like you’re chained to your desk chair at work? Think it’s impossible to be more active when you have a desk job? Well think again. There are simple changes you can make to ensure you’re not sitting without exercise for the entire day.

1. Get up from your desk once every 40 minutes to stretch and take a quick walk, even if it’s only to the restroom. (I set an alarm on my iPhone and every 40 minutes I get up and do something like: Climbing a few flights of stairs; perform some yoga stretches; jog in place; do jumping jacks, pushups, or sit ups for 2 minutes.)

2. Park further from work and walk to the office. Or, consider walking or biking during good weather.

3. Walk and talk. If you have phone calls during the day, walk and talk at the same time. (I do this a lot. I just tell whoever is on the other end that I’m getting in some exercise while we chat.) Every time you are on the phone, think, “Could I be walking during this?”

4. At work, consider balancing on an exercise ball for a part of the day instead of sitting in your desk chair, this will utilize many muscles not otherwise used and, more importantly, burn energy.

Make changes at home too. When you get home from work, don’t sit right down. Instead, shoot some baskets with the kids, tend to the garden, or even take a quick walk to the neighborhood store.

Here’s another tip: I like to watch my favorite TV shows as much as the next person, so I bought a used exercise bike for $50 and placed it in the back of my living room and ride it all the time during shows. Heck, a football game or movie can last 2 to 3 hours so what’s 30 minutes exercising?

Whatever you choose to do to prevent those extra pounds from creeping up, one thing is for sure: leading a sedentary lifestyle WILL negatively affect your physical and mental health. So get up out of that chair and burn some calories!

With Energy,
joshCoach Josh


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  1. Emmanuel Neebye
    1:47 AM #comment-1

    Thanks very much coach JOSH. Your tips have helped me a lot and feel privileged to to be part of your programs.

    God Bless

  2. Robert
    7:59 AM #comment-2

    Thanks. Your tips added up can lead to a healthier life. Frequent moving throughout the day is very important. Our bodies are filled with muscles. They need to be worked and used. If not, we lose them and a whole lot more.

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