Josh Bezoni Co-Founder of BioTrust Nutrition

SHOCKING News Coverage, An Industry Spinning Out Of Control, And Two “Fed Up” Nutritionists Who Simply Couldn’t Let It Carry On Any Longer

Hey, this is Josh Bezoni, co-founder of BioTrust Nutrition. As a co-owner of an industry-leading nutritional supplement company, I’m often asked how my partner Joel Marion and I decided to “get into this whole thing,” and it’s always interesting to see the reactions we get when we tell them the answer:

“We Literally Had No Other Choice.”

You see, perhaps like you, Joel and I have been using supplements for years…and while we always knew that the supplement industry was surrounded by its fair share of scams and shady practices, we didn’t truly realize just how BAD the problem was until July of 2011.

I remember it like it was yesterday. After dinner one night while visiting Joel down in Florida, we tuned into a news special while relaxing at the kitchen table—news coverage that proved to be even scarier than it was eye-opening.

You see, over the course of that next hour, investigative reporters exposed company after company after company whose products simply did not contain anywhere close to the amount of each ingredient that their labels claimed.

For example, a product may claim 100 mg of an exotic fat-burning ingredient while containing only 20 mg, or in many cases, none at all.

What’s more, many supplements plain didn’t work as advertised or were found to contain potentially harmful contaminants such as bacteria and even lead.

How could this be?

Well, most consumers of nutrition products are often surprised to learn that the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) does not test or approve dietary supplements.

Simply put, the supplement industry is, by and large, self regulated.

As you can imagine, an unregulated industry leaves itself at an incredible risk for unscrupulous and unethical companies whose deceitful business practices are literally stealing your hard-earned money and giving you next to nothing in return.

What’s even worse is that through this startling news story, we also learned that even many of the brands that we personally used, trusted and recommended were cutting corners and “cheapening” their products to boost profit margins and their own bottom line…and that was a big blow.

You see, Joel and I both have always been big proponents of scientifically-backed dietary supplements to help men and women get better and faster results from their efforts.

After college I worked as a nutritionist for fitness legend Bill Phillips at his supplement company EAS/Body-for-LIFE, and Joel was a Grand Champion in Bill’s 2001 Body-for-LIFE challenge. Through more than a decade each we’ve grown to reach millions of people through our articles, media appearances and best-selling books, and together we share nearly 30 years experience in the nutrition and supplement industry.

But the reality is that over the years, particularly these last few, the supplement industry has spiraled completely out of control, and even many of the “good guy” companies have lost sight of what really matters–you, your body and your results.

And that’s precisely why we got involved: there was a need—a glaring, desperate need—for a company like BioTrust to emerge, and we just couldn’t let that call go unanswered any longer.

So we got to work, assembling a team of the best researchers, formulators, manufacturers and fitness professionals that any supplement company could dream of, and nearly one year after that eye-opening July evening, we launched BioTrust—a line of premium dietary supplements that we’re proud to use ourselves and recommend to our friends, family and millions of followers alike.

You see, what makes BioTrust different is our commitment to:

  1. Using only top-quality ingredients that are free from hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and preservatives
  2. Products that work because they contain effective levels of each key ingredient for real results
  3. Strict quality control measures that ensure each and every BioTrust product meets label claims and is guaranteed potent and pure

And so many other “above and beyond” business and quality assurance practices that you can read about on our “BioTrust Difference” page HERE.

Does voluntarily implementing all these research and formulation practices along with independent 3rd-party testing cut into our profit margins? Of course it does. But our wallets simply aren’t why we got in this business—you are.

Simply put, BioTrust was created to produce products that are bigger, badder, and better than literally anything else on the market from both a quality ingredient and scientific effectiveness standpoint. And as you browse the site and learn about our products, you will clearly see how we’ve risen head and shoulders above the competition with each and every product we’ve produced.

Again, at BioTrust we’re here for you. Welcome to the family.

With energy!
Josh Bezoni
Co-founder, BioTrust Nutrition